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L2D began operation in 2007 as a web and graphic design firm. Since those early days we have evolved into a full-scale interactive design and strategy company that specializes in large and complex projects. We have primarily focused our attention on developing thoroughly cohesive projects through long term relationships, helping clients craft the unique and immersive experience they desire for their audience.

What we believe

We believe that exceptional design, collaborative teamwork, rock solid development, and open lines of communication lead to great partnerships and great projects!

Founded in the summer of 2007, L2D set out with the lofty goal of forming relationships with clients that went beyond simply finishing projects and getting paid. As many of you know, the design industry has been found grossly lacking in the "human connection" department and we desired to be different. Years later, we are happy to say that we still call our clients, both past and present, trusted friends.

Practically speaking, this means that we work with fewer clients, but that limitation comes with a big plus: the unique opportunity to truly collaborate with client-partners. By acquiring trust, and hustling to keep it, L2D works diligently to facilitate brilliant ideas from the best source of inspiration: the client.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, fill out the request form. Along with the form, let us know if you would like us to help you with your interactive design project, website, game, or app and we'll give it our best to get back to you within 24 hours. Please know that because our workload remains heavy we typically run a 4-8 month waiting list, so if you are in need of an expedited timeline remember to include that in your communication.

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What we offer


We craft intuitive and attractive interactive projects, but more importantly, we craft them to achieve the goals that our clients outline and integrate them into their overall marketing strategy. Our ability to work with extensive research, sketch and wireframe concepts, go hang out with our families to get some perspective and come back refreshed and motivated to find a solution is something we take great pride in. The point is, we don’t draw a pretty picture and call it done. We mold it into a bulletproof, lasting, digital or brand experience that works uniquely well for each client.


The truth is, we are a bit like transformers, or the A-Team. We have the staff and the skillset to design, build and develop just about anything: games, apps, websites and interactive exhibits, you name it. Tackling just about any challenge in the digital world is our specialty. Most often that comes in the form of custom websites with feature-rich content management systems that we maintain and evolve for various clients. Lately, however, we have built apps, interactive 3D products or maps, and games.


Not being a traditional marketing firm gives us a fresh perspective when it comes to developing a brand that will be able to exist everywhere. Whether it’s signage, social media or business cards your brand lives in an increasing spectrum of venues and screens. Adam, Tyler and Chris J specialize in the branding research, process and implementation. We then deliver a usage document outlining the best way to employ your brand in every arena.

3D & Animation

Chris G (CGI) and Chase have brought a new level of interactive ability to L2D, and the development team has jumped at the chance to implement their creations into interactive environments. Digital technology can’t be discussed without including 3D. Whether it’s Oculus Rift, Unity games, 3D printing, or in-browser interactive products, 3D has become ubiquitous. We are prepped and ready for the challenge and, honestly, it’s one of our favorite things to do now.

The Team

  • Nate Johnson

    Creative Director

    Co-Founder and Creative Director, Nate specializes in creative direction which usually entails getting everyone moving together towards the best possible solution. Communication between clients, the L2D team and end users is where he is most adept. Even though he’s not getting any younger, Nate still enjoys getting his hands dirty in actual design and UI. He also likes dunking on James, anything Chicago sports-related, Raymond Loewy, and most importantly playing with his kids... lots of kids.

    Nate Johnson Nate Johnson
  • Tyler Johnson

    Art Director

    Prior to co-founding L2D Tyler worked at DVL in Nashville and served as Adjunct Professor of Interactive Web Development and Design at Lipscomb University, where he also majored in Design. He utilizes those skills to direct the day to day actions of our Design Team. His ability to coordinate the various components of large scale, complex projects and components is unparalleled. Tyler is a device and tech trend guru, who, alongside his wife constantly schools people on the soccer field. Together they have tons of cats -- none of whom play soccer, or care the least bit about technology.

    Tyler Johnson Tyler Johnson
  • Chris Johnston

    Project Strategist

    With backgrounds in both design (branding and web) and the social sciences Chris has worked to become uniquely qualified to engage with client projects on the formal, functional, and personal levels. He facilitates the implementation of new media solutions that best reflect the authentic qualities of clients. Chris has participated in the Highland Games and enjoys lifting, throwing, or pulling very heavy things. He has a wife and two kids, which are not considered a part of those heavy things, though he lifts them up nonetheless.

    Chris Johnston Chris Johnston
  • Chris Guess

    3D Interactive Designer

    Chris soaks up knowledge like Neo in the Matrix. He is a proficient 3D designer and animator, and a uniquely skilled designer. The former are skills that he adopted after he started at L2D, but have aptly earned him the nickname CGI. He now leads the 3D team and helps strategize gaming and emerging technology implementation. Chris is also one of those annoying guys who can pick up anything requiring athleticism one time and look like he has been doing it for years, and to prove it is currently training to lay the hammer down on the Chicago Marathon.

    Chris Guess Chris Guess
  • Daniel De Guzman

    Lead Developer

    To tell you the truth, most of the time Daniel appears to be hacking away so fast that it almost looks like he is faking it. Maybe it’s the rare combination of being both a Filipino and a Kiwi but Daniel is one of those rare breeds that starts something as well as he finishes it -- development being no exception. Under his leadership L2D has established processes and methods that ensure simultaneous code stability and innovation. In his off time he and his wife are basically both pro-level gamers… actually his wife is better than he is (but don’t tell him we said so).

    Daniel De Guzman Daniel De Guzman
  • Josh York


    Josh is an e-commerce and 3D interactive developing genius. Those might not seem at all related, because they’re not but Josh just so happens to be very good at both. Because everyone at L2D has to be good at whatever is thrown their way, Josh has not only grown in his skill but thrived under the weight of new challenges. Speaking of challenges, Josh also has a decent command of Chinese language and is a very talented boulderer -- in fact Josh is so dedicated to that second challenge that he has started a personal campaign to get climbing integrated as an official Olympic sport.

    Josh York Josh York
  • Adam Tetzlaff

    Lead Designer

    Adam’s expertise is in UI and complex interface structures. That being said, being incredibly meticulous and intuitive he is also highly skilled in illustration, branding and print design. We regularly give him a task with little instruction and he blows our mind by taking it in a direction that is even better than we originally anticipated. Though being firmly planted in the Millennial generation Adam strangely seems like his formative years straddled the 70’s or 80’s. Because of his hilarious wit, his love for John Hughes movies, power ballads, and 80’s style we are pretty sure that he’s a time traveling Degrassi Junior High character who has come to save the internet.

    Adam Tetzlaff Adam Tetzlaff
  • Chase Long

    The Z-Axis

    Chase joined L2D as an unassuming intern who handled a variety of tasks and since then has turned into an indispensable part of our team. Doing a little bit of everything, Chase is a great photographer, 3D modeler, proficient designer, QA specialist, and a beautiful hand model. He has settled in primarily as a 3D expert, modeling and creating environments and interactive models for any number of uses. He and his wife Margaret are dedicated runners, he can rival pretty much anyone in Star Wars and/or D&D knowledge, and is a shoe-in with ping-pong. In fact, he is the current office ping-pong champion.

    Chase Long Chase Long
  • Silas Tippens

    Experimental Expert

    Silas joined us in December of 2014 as a student intern from Covenant College. He is unassuming and quiet, but his development prowess speaks for itself. Beginning with a knowledge of javascript and the C languages, he quickly became proficient in front-end development and interactive three.js. In addition to helping us with app development, and front-end web work, Silas rocks out very cool poetry in his spare time. He also has the power to consume large amounts of coffee and remain disturbingly calm.

    Silas Tippens Silas Tippens

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