Interactive Strategy, Design, and Development

Litespeed / Quintana Roo

Client: American Bicycle Group
Project Date: 6/5/2015
Project Timeline: 6 months

The American Bicycle Group (ABG) has a long history of firsts in the worlds of cycling and triathlon. ABG’s company Quintana Roo engineered everything from the first triathlon wetsuit to the first modern triathlon bikes. Their other company, Litespeed, led technology innovation for lighter, faster bicycles by being the authority on titanium bikes before any of their competitors began working with the alloy. In fact, they were such clear leaders in the titanium fabrication industry that they were later contracted by NASA to assist in the development of the Mars Land Rover.

Because ABG needed a web partner that could reflect the quality and innovation found in each of the bikes they build, they asked L2D to design and develop two distinct websites integrating technology befitting their level of ingenuity. Our response was to fundamentally transform their web user experience through an in-depth analysis of theirs and their competitors existing brands — leading to a refocusing on the lifestyle and needs of a Quintana Roo and Litespeed cyclist.


Sharing their story of Community

Interior Pages


With strong callouts and the use of the hashtag #WeAreTriathlon we invite visitors into the community that makes up Triathlon. Quintana Roo is not just representative of a great bike, but a strong, family of athletes of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. They embrace newcomers and cheer on those in need of encouragement as voraciously as their leading professionals. It isn’t a community of cutthroat, winner-take-all superathletes (although there are some superathletes) looking to stake their claim at the expense of others, this is about community and Quintana Roo embodies that community.

Intense research, wind-tunnel and real world testing have all worked to hone the profile of a QR bike to be as close to perfection as is possible for riders of every level. With that being the case, we found ourselves weaving together a user experience based not upon the rider’s proficiency level, but rather upon the experience of owning and riding a QR. Our core challenge became an tightrope-walk between the infectious pull of the inclusive community and the unrelenting cool of the exclusive technology.

Product Photography

High-end cycling combined with accessible usability

Qr Embodies Triathlon

From the very first triathlon­-specific wetsuit to the latest PRsix rolling off the showroom floor, Quintana Roo has continually defined multi-sport performance.



Elite cycling both on and off tarmac

Experience Litespeed


We won’t promote brand names simply because of their popularity. For us the brand must consider the consumer by creating innovative products that lead the market in both quality and value. With Litespeed, we were able to work with a company that enjoys strong brand recognition through the delivery of a product of the highest quality.

Material and technology have driven Litespeed to be an industry leader in road, and mountain, and adventure cycling. Strong visuals, immersive video, and subtle animations create an experience for visitors that draw them into the Litespeed brand. Creating a subtle sense of motion and environment was one functional aspect of our job, the other aspect was just getting out of the way and letting the products speak for themselves. Once visitors are able to see the quality of Litespeed’s bikes, plus the components and the craftsmanship Litespeed is known for, we’ve found that their otherwise difficult decision is easy.

Shaping The Experience

Through animated illustrations and 3D environments

Two Distinct Materials

One consistent theme of elite-caliber bicycles

Visual Distinction

Litespeed bicycles are divided into three primary categories : Road, Gravel, and Adventure. In order to help establish the idea of this separation, L2D developed a visually rich 3D background in which to showcase their collections. This allows the user to quickly establish a connection between the bike and its primary target demographic.






In 2012 Litespeed collaborated with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design and manufacture the rocker-bogie system for the Mars Rover, Curiosity. It was Litespeed’s knowledge and expertise in titanium tubing that attracted NASA’s team to Litespeed and because of their help the Mars rover is still helping us discover more about Mars' landscape.

In 2013, American Bicycle Group introduced a fully re-engineered titanium line of bicycles, the T-Series -- fabricated in the same manufacturing facility, with the same technology, as the NASA Curiosity rover. American Bicycle Group's products have been honored with both the coveted EuroBike Design Award and Triathlon America's Most Innovative Product Award.