Interactive Strategy, Design, and Development

Becoming a kid again

Client: Creative Discovery Museum
Project Date: 6/5/2012
Project Timeline: Ongoing

As one of the finest children’s museums in world, working with the Creative Discovery Museum has been a transformative honor. In our collective quest to create exhibits that engage children on the physical and mental level, our work as interactive strategists has reawoken our childhood desire for experiential play.

That child-like feeling rose to a resounding crescendo while working through the process of developing the new Cinema 4D and Android-based stop-motion exhibit. Similarly, that feeling was also present as we created a colorful palette, icons and illustration sets for BioEnergy Science Center and Department of Energy commissioned the website

Exhibit Design

Materials / Renders

Exhibit Overview

Interaction Notes

Lighting was key for allow children to take quality photos so we created a top down, framed light fixture that cast light directly onto the stop-motion set surface. The light is easily accessible to allow staff to adequately maintain good lighting for the exhibit.

An custom Android App was designed, built and deployed by our team to easily capture photos, review progress, and compile a stop motion animation. Once finished, you can repeat the process, share your movie, or allow friends to create their own.

The environment and figure drawer was designed to house various backgrounds, environments, and objects that children could use to realize their stop-motion animation dreams.

Stop Motion App

Interface design

Initial Renders / App Concepts

Sketches and such

Biofuels Website

Website Overview

Overview / Notes

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) have repeatedly pegged the website as a success story when reviewing their yearly initiatives. Dr. Wayne Robinson, the Biofuels Coordinator for CDM, partners with L2D to create an interactive educational resource which contains lesson plans, visual timelines, videos, and updates related to biofuels. Due to high accolades, BESC and the DOE have agreed to continue funding the project for the foreseeable future.

Translating the complex and often monotonous issue of biomass conversion into a fascinating topic for children was quite the challenge. As a foundation we created a color palette that referenced visual cues of the CDM brand color palette, fashioned bold visual timelines, and designed process graphics that help simplify, grip and educate kids about biofuels.



Banner / Timeline Graphics

Wayne Robinson Ph.D.
Biofuels Coordinator, Creative Discovery Museum

IT JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN WORKING WITH LEVEL2 DESIGN! That’s it, in a nutshell! For 27-years, I was in charge of Technology Services for the Walker County, Georgia School District (4,000 computers at 20 locations). When I retired in 2011 and began working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory contracts through the Creative Discovery Museum, I needed an alternative energies/biofuels website that would become a one-stop-shop for educators, students, and the general public.

I was referred to Nate and Chris at Level2 Design and what a BLESSING they are to work with! Their work, and the work of their colleagues, is Exemplary. They are intuitive, anticipating your needs before they are even discussed. They are responsive to every need. They dream with you and think “outside the box”. They see the big picture and share your vision, being the ultimate team players. And, perhaps most-importantly, they are very caring individuals who treat people like they, themselves, would like to be treated. They talk the talk and walk the walk! They are successful for a reason…They care about their clients and deliver on their promises! What Great Individuals and what a Great Company to work with!