Interactive Strategy, Design, and Development

ECommerce Redefined

Client: Ultracart
Project Date: 6/5/2012
Project Timeline: Ongoing

Setting a new standard for the process of selling online was the challenge that we helped UltraCart solve with their new product StoreFronts. With StoreFronts, UltraCart developed a platform that empowers its users to access its full suite of features and integrations and a completely secure, turnkey responsive website and shopping cart through one intuitive system.

For L2D, developing a hierarchy of information was the real challenge. Working with key stakeholders, we designed a workflow that quickly delivers users commonly edited information blocks that can easily be mined using advanced options such as tabs, accordion menus, and dropdowns. To compliment this workflow, simple icon sets and natural, intuitive UI elements were created to act as a visual guide for merchants.

Ultracart Frontend

The Complex Made Simple

The UltraCart website was redesigned for the dual purpose of introducing the new StoreFronts platform and communicating the value of UltraCart to a growing audience using a responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly layout structure. These tasks were accomplished through the use of an flexible but intuitive UI, approachable and familiar imagery, and L2D produced 3D video.

Yet before any of that forward-facing magic could happen, we had to tackle organizing and simplifying the management side of the most capable, robust ecommerce solution ever created. Using an intense QA regimen, we sketched, designed, redesigned, and battle-tested our interface so that when the new platform launched both UltraCart and their veteran merchants would be thrilled with the results.


Fully Responsive Themes / Checkouts

Theme Photography

Our work included shooting example product photography.


We designed over 200 web icons for UltraCart. Download the file for free below.

Jonathan Tew
CEO Ultracart

UltraCart has been in the e-commerce space for almost two decades and observed the constant evolution of web technologies. When selecting a web design firm to become a long term strategic partner it was important for us to find a company with effective communication, talented people skills in the latest technologies, and the capacity to understand the unique challenges of our industry. Level 2 Design has proven to be an excellent partner in every regard. They complement the internal development efforts of our organization and bring a capability to our team that could not be matched through in-house hiring. Their exposure to the latest trends in web design is keeping UltraCart on the leading edge of the e-commerce industry.